Tuesday, February 19, 2013

♡ U!!!

Movie: Beautiful Creatures

I was invited last night by my good friend Jonver to watch the special movie premier of 'Beautiful Creatures'. Considering that not everyday I get to enjoy a little leisure, I immediately paved way to give time to attend. That consists of mail bombing my boss for instant changes in my work schedule. Fortunate enough, my boss is waaaayyy tooooo nice and understanding to permit me. :)

Honestly, I had no idea what it is about-- I practically said 'YES' without doing research. hahaha. Initially I thought it was some sort of indi-film.hahaha. Thank God for youtube, SM free wi-fi and insta-movie trailers, I was enlightened one hour before the show. The movie maybe associated to another ang-weird-namang-love-story but this time... no Vampires! Thank God again, hallelujah... hallelujah. I am somehow getting tired watching all this Human-loves-Vampire kind of stuffs starting from Buffy to Twilight and now Vampire Dairies. nuff nuff please! You make it appear that there is really an impending extinction of Man hence women divert their attentions to weirdo-wacko-blood-suckers.

Going back... What's more interesting with this movie is the introduction of 'Casters'. I don't know about you guys but as far as I'm concern-- first time to actually hear such term. Being a fan of Wikipedia, I found out that casters are actually kind of witch however with little freedom to choose whether they are in the dark or light side. SO basically they are the suppressed witches (okey I just made that up). Casters will somehow be claimed to their own nature when they reached the age of 16. No option of whether they can be good or bad.

In this movie, it was the female protagonist who has the magical powers and was the guy running after her. PLUS POINTS FOR ME!! Enough of the films wherein the girls are running for their abnormal boyfriends and latter dumping them so to protect.LIKE WTF IS THAT!!! This movie showed the other way around...

Movie Trailer: Beautiful Creatures

Beautiful Creatures tonight! GAME ON!

Katerina Bianca

Saturday, February 9, 2013


Kung Hei Fat Choi! Gong Xi Fa Cai! 
Happy Chinese New Year!
- from the two drops of Chinese blood running around my veins. hahaha.

Aside from the Peking Duck and my favorite Hototay soup, I am sooo looking forward to see the much awaited F4, Taiwan reunion. All together now: NOSTALGIA!!! It brings back so many memories like those typical group studies turned TV series marathon and staying up late so I could watch Myx Daily Top 1 being dominated with
'Oh baby.. baby.. My baby... baby... Wo Jue Bu Neng Shi Qu Ni ♩ ♪ ♬ ' 

This was actually the start of my Asia-novela obsession. Though it partly shifted to Korea, I will never depart from  my first love- Vic Zhou.

"ehem... ehem. Kim Hyun Joong, please don't be jealous. You will still be my baby-daddy. He's just my first love and as they say, first love never dies."

We were supposed to have a Chinese eat-out today with my chinky relatives but my mom signed to this fun run tomorrow and I have to study 15 more rules before Monday (or else, I'm dead meat). So much for Lunar New Year. *sigh! Maybe if I'll just wait till 12 midnight studying then I'll probably be 'Masipag' the entire year. It did not work last December 31, 2012- will instead try it this Lunar Calendar. hahaha! 

Before I wrap up this illustrative blog post, sharing to everybody my favorite F4 song. Muli nating ibalik ang kasabihan "Tunay na lalaki, wagas maka sleeveless" days. hahaha

Katerina Bianca

p.s. I still could not figure out how to make a decent closing remark. DAMN!

Friday, February 8, 2013

If to fly.

I was once asked in Twitter if I am a Traveler (just like those self-proclaimed). Honestly, I have no idea. I love to go to places, discover new things and learn other cultures; but in essence, the farthest place I've been  to was Hongkong (which gave me an impression of Binondo alike- only colder).

Anyway, my personality also does not allow me to travel in a spontaneous manner. I always go for itinerary and fix plan. I remember having ill incident with my friends when we went to Cebu just because things won't go according to the list. Yes, I am that worst of a person. Curious as well, I don't get attracted to seat sales. Reason? I want to fly in my own term and when I am sure to go. Seat sales usually have this fix fly period which will occur half a year prior to buying tickets.

Another reason for being stuck here is-- TIME. I work for a US company and study at the same time. So basically, I don't have any holidays. When it is holiday in the Philippines we have work according to US schedule (and vice versa). You can probably say-- GOOD BYE SOCIAL LIFE. That has been my yawn for the past three years.

Though that does not mean I hinder myself to travel and become a terminal homebody. I do want to expand my horizon and be a full pledge 'traveler'. Following is the list of places I've been dying to visit. It somehow inspires to be do well in school. My mom would always tell me: Maging abogado ka then makakaya mo ng pumunta sa mga lugar na yan. Since I trust her, these photos are pinned in my inspiration board to serve as motivation.

(In random order)