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What better way to introduce myself  in less arrogant and cocky manner is to do it straight to the point. I promise to make this less formal.

Aloha! I am Katerina Bianca C. Perez. Usually called Bianca or Bianx by my friends. Born and raised in the sweet dusty sunshine of Quezon City, Philippines. I came by to this Earth on September 7, 1987 (fine! Compute it at your own risk). I'm the eldest of the two. A graduate of AB Legal Management from the University of the East- Manila and just recently, finished Bachelor of Laws from Polytechnic University of the Philippines. I am still working my way to get the grand title (which is not easy). Anyhoo, I'm not into rushing stuffs anyway.

I am currently unemployed, as I am preparing for the Great Battle in Middle Earth, but I used to work in a BPO Company. No. I was not a call-center agent. And not hate against them. Actually, it is a noble job and difficult to get through. So again, no hate for call center agents.

So for random trivia about me:
1. I can study for 12 hours or more straight.
2. I love street food- isaw, adidas, kwek-kwek, hotdog but cannot stand the taste and smell of fishball, squid ball and kikiam.
3. I love cats- have seven of them.
4. I am an old soul. From classical music to theater plays to even old school movies.
5. Definitely a History buff. I love World War II and gruesome tales.
6. A Big Lord of the Rings fan! -- end of discussion.
7. I am not exactly lingering to be a lawyer. I don't even know why I decided to finish it. 
8. Forever Mama's girl.
9. I used to dream for a mansion but now, I aim for a decent home with lawn. And kids!
10.  No I am not getting married anytime soon- contrary to what other people think.

Actually there are still so many things to say since people often perceives me in a different angle. But nevertheless, what better way to know me better is through continuously and religiously reading my blog. I promise to be honest in anyway that I can. Of course! There are things I need to keep to myself. But then again, no judge people. I am partly talkative and partly introvert hence I get my avenue of expression through blogging.

Well that's it for now. Enjoy reading!

Love lots,
Katerina Bianca

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