Sunday, November 10, 2013

Quick Getaway: Birthday '13

Halooo Halooo people of the Universe. Wishing you haven't forgotten me. Well anyway, I'm here to give you a very illustrative post of how my birthday went. It was a month delayed because the D-day happened in the middle of semester. Considering the year level I am in, it is quite difficult to have spare a little getaway even for the weekend. Most of the time, my weekend means advance study for the upcoming lessons. whew! Side note: If only I knew I could study like this back in College, then I could have graduated with honors.

Going back, my mom thought that I should just celebrate it with my brother. We are actually a month a part. Since my family pretty much consists of busy persons (to the nth level), we opt to do it on a holiday. And what better holiday is nearest to September and October, you guys guessed it right, All Saint's and All Soul's day. All Saint's day falls on a Friday which means I still have work. You know the BPO life.

First stop, Angeles, Pampanga. Of course, we shouldn't forget our dearly departed ones. For this year, we went to visit my grandfather from the Mother side. Just for the record, my grandpops is actually a 4th placer in the Engineering Board. Kidding to my mom, I prayed that 'lolo' will lead me to the right path of academe.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hey people of blog-o-sphere. Just stopping by to say 'Hi'. As in HI!!!

I miss my little space thought a bit unsure when i can make a comeback (assuming you guys care!) Well anyway, just to give you a few recaps of what i'm currently up to- so to speak, i'm blogging straight from my phone. Thanks to my new iphone5 and ate jovay (law school comrade) for the blogger app. I'm currently buried to tons of hard bound books which by all means, need to read fast because midterms is literally two weeks from now. I'm also a new instagram user (kbiancaperez)- need all the follow loving.

Hmmmm. What else!? I'm taking up 19units academe load which figuratively means suicide. And lastly, i just realized my heart is still with Kim Hyun Joong and not Park Yoochun. (Though i still do adore the latter- oh heart! Why are you so indecisive).

Well ciao for now. I still need to figure how to finish 200pages in one seating. Lots of love people.

Love lots,

Monday, June 10, 2013

Top 10 Unsolicited Law School Advice

In less than a week I'll be going back to school. Though I did rant the entire summer about the need to advance study-- my procrastinating self ended bum... bummer... bummest. This two months, I've been wanting to go back attending class since my summer consists of going to work and yah... going to work. Exciting right [insert sarcasm] !? Now all I could think of is the hope to extend vacation, at least one more week, so that I could finish my readings. Anyway so much for high hopes.

That being said, last Saturday I attended the freshmen orientation for our first batch of Juris Doctor. First because I entered PUP College of Law under the Bachelors of Law program. Anyway, I had the chance to answer one of their questions and promote our sorority. It's quite surreal to me considering I'm no longer part of the younger batch. Somehow I am preparing myself to hear lots of 'Ate'. Ekkkk! Such morbid word. hahahaha.

The question I answered during the orientation is about the struggles/fears they will experience upon entering law school. It somewhat gave me the idea that majority of them knows nothing of what they got themselves into.

In my case,  I had already everything inside the bag. I finished Legal Management as a pre-law course and my mom and back-then-boyfriend also entered Law School. They already shared so many stories of what I should expect. Though experiencing it first hand is still the best-- it somehow helped me cope up. I did not necessarily experience what they call 'culture shock'. It then made me feel bad for the upcoming Law Students. Of course I want them to stay and finish what they started but sometimes 'shock' can make you change path.

Anyway, to help incoming law students-- here are few unsolicited advice from yours truly to lessen the impact. Disclaimer, these are purely based on experience. No pun intended.

1. Fear is inevitable but it makes you a law student. First thing you must understand upon entering law school is that-- THIS IS NOT UNDERGRAD SCHOOL NOR MASTER's. This is law school. Different and far from the said two. Do not expect your professors to be buddy-chums during class. Most of the time, they will humiliate you (may it not be expressly) but they will. It's up to you to overcome it but remember-- there's no point dwelling too much about it. Fear today; brace yourself tomorrow. Be humiliated today; laugh about it tomorrow. That's how to survive law school.

2. Do not expect your professors to teach. And I say do not. You cannot rant about professors being paid to teach-- like nobody cares what you say. You cannot also argue about unjust flunking just because your professors do not attend class. That is not how it works here. The expectation from professors here are different from any schools (correlate to #1). There are even professors who expect you to read the entire book-- know the entire subject outline even before class starts. Many would already conduct graded recitation on the first meeting. Morbid? Well that is just how it goes. Personally, I find classroom discussion boring. It's like spoon feeding study and it does not give me the urge to read. Also, I am not really a good listener and listening to only a voice makes me sleepy. ZZZZzzzzzz

3. Big bags are your bestfriend. When I was in undergrad, I would usually go to school with a purse. I would settle for a pen and 2pesos yellow paper-- good enough to use for the entire day. Somehow I was able to finish school and pass my subjects without any failing grade. That is not how it goes in Law School. Now, I would usually carry two tote bags. When its Saturday (meaning more than one subject), I would have the bags plus a book or reviewer hand-carried. No exaggeration. Just for a subject, you will most likely need a book, codal and at least 10 cases per meeting. I repeat-- that's just for one meeting; one subject. Now apply ratio and proportion. That is all the reading materials you need in order to survive ONE subject. Some other subjects would even require to read not just one book. It is different especially for non-readers (ehem ehem guilty!) but somehow you will get a hold of it. Appreciating books is a working progress. No wonder tablets are the latest trend in Law School but personally, I'd still go for hardbound. It has this certain power to help retain in your mind whatever you read.

4. Do not compete against your classmates. Not unless you want to be the 'Most Unwanted Person' in your school-- please don't. There's nothing wrong with good competition but do not direct it towards your classmates. It's no use. Might as well compete against yourself. You can be grade conscious. There's no law telling you not to be one. But remember, those grade conscious people most of the time suffer stress and fatigue. In this field, you can't afford to be one.

5. Go for difficult professors. This is perhaps one of my regrets in Law School. Back during 1st and 2nd year, I tried avoiding difficult professors. I took the easy road. I was wrong. The subjects are connected- one way or another. Especially for major subjects, so make sure you study them well, with heart. I am not saying you will not learn but somehow I appreciated more the subjects which I find difficult to pass than those not. Also, you will need the list of difficult professors you passed once you are already on your third and forth year. This is like the years where you will begin to question your potential because most of the subjects are already procedural. When you are having doubts about your mental capabilities, you must have morale boost. The idea that you passed a difficult professor can give you that. :)

6. Look like a lawyer. There are some schools which require corporate attire while there are some not. In the case of PUP, they said starting this semester it will be more strict. You might think- what's the logic of wearing corporate attire in one's mental prowess. Scientifically none but it can give the confidence to face the class. Plus the fact, the more pleasing to eyes for the professor- the better. It is matter of impression. Not unless you can show, mentally and physically, to your professors and even classmates that you have the "It" to become a lawyer then don't expect to pass. There are some instances even that 'First impression last' applies. Basically, you can never tell how a professor/lawyer gives grade. Each has an own style.

7. Sleep. I know its a common notion to bid goodbye to sleep upon entering law school. Personally, I cry it pointless. Sleep when you feel tired from all the studying. There's no point pushing yourself too much. You are not yet taking the bar exams, anyway. This is still Law School. There's no point to it if you can no longer understand what you are reading. Take some rest. As I've said, you can't afford being stressed out in this field. Where asylum do you want to visit,aha!?

8. Relax. It's not true that you will commit social suicide upon entering law school (though admit, I did burst out few angst at such in various networking sites). You can still must have fun. In order to loosen up with all the tensions and adrenaline rush from Law School, you must have an avenue relax. Personally, I do it by laughing a lot and aloud. When I don't feel like talking much, I go watch Korean Movies. That's actually where my fondness came from. Through the course of your stay in Law School, I bet you will have your own  little ways to detox. 

9. Prayers can do miracles. If you are the type who does not believe in God or not really fond of praying-- make a total shift, as in now na! No matter how atheist you are, you will definitely call for God when in Law School. Might as well start it early so you can have a better relationship with HIM. 

10. Just enjoy the ride. Sometimes it is not what lies ahead but the journey you take. Do not stress yourself in Law School (repeated again and again to put emphasize) because are already a College Graduate. No need to pressure yourself of making your family, friends, colleagues and even foes proud. Being a lawyer is not exactly the end deal. To think, it is only the bonus. You have already proven yourself to the world by finishing with a college degree. And if I may just add, enter law school for the right cause. Cliché already the reasons "my parents want me do this" or "I want to help the poor". Though I did use the former as an alibi, for lack of interest to expound my reasoning, become a lawyer because you want to and not for the sake of other people. It is a totally different world in Law School. If you don't have valid and efficient reason to back you up-- then I doubt you will last.

Well that's it for now. I hope my Top 10 Unsolicited Law School Advice can be such help. I still have couple more to give. Perhaps, I will do an extended version of this.

As for all the incoming freshmen Law Student... W-E-L-C-O-M-E! Keep the fire burning. Aja aja fighting!

Katerina Bianca

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Exotic Tummy.

This is going to be the second leg of our "Lost in Past Jungle".

After spending so much energy walking around the streets of Manila, we opted to go to Binondo for a little food trip. Mind you that this is a continuation of our adventure so basically even the foods we're going to try are classified as 'adventurous'.

NO. I am not referring to Siopao as it may give you a bad idea of the cat above. hahahaha! We saw this purrrrry friend while buying peanut butter hopia in a bakeshop. Too bad I forgot to ask the name of the store but for a non-hopia eater like me, I actually liked the taste. Still not eating hopia though. There's something about it that does not entice me.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Lost In Past Jungle.

Nobody hates history unless it is their own history. -Robert Langdon, Da Vinci's Code
Personally I am not a fan of Philippines History. I am not even sure how I passed my History subject back in College. hahahaha! Though that does not mean I am not well-informed (hey kids! Being uninterested does not give you the excuse not to study, ayt!) So anyway to make me feel a little closer to our ascendants I thought why not visit places where I could get hold of our past treasures. Fortunate enough, my new workplace seatmate is one hell of a history junkie. "Move aside Carlos Celdran-- there's a new guy in town."

For those wondering, I am also a self-confessed history junkie but not with our own. We can actually talk about world history particularly World War II the whole day. Yes. I prefer morbid discussions rather than colonization stuffs. hahahaha.

Going back, our first stop of 'learning tour' was in The National Museum, Manila. Hey! What better way to know your history is in the museums, right?

Finally!!! The Spolarium. Right on flesh.

Oh la Obando.

Obando Fertility Rite. To many Filipinos, it means fertility and conception. When I first told my friends and relatives that I intend to participate in the feast-- their initial reaction was like "Go look for boyfriend first before wishing for kids." I was like 'WTF!' Can't I not pray for other stuffs.hahahaha!

As a Catholic, I am an self-confessed church aficionado. I am a strong believer of making wishes-- that as soon as you stepped inside the church for the first time you must make a wish and God will grant. So together with my friends from the office we made a quick detour to Obando, Bulacan.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Steering Wheel.

Life has been a big steering wheel for me. In just two weeks, I was able to experience side-by-side stress, up-and-down drama and loss-and-gain of reality. So much for summer (insert big SIGH).

Side-by-side stress.

For the past two weeks, I heard of comments (for lack of better term, adjectives) that people use to describe me. Some are hilarious, funny, bizarre while some are totally offensive. Hilarious and funny are my usual emotions when people depict me as Mataray (ill-tempered), Suplada (conceited) and Tahimik (quiet). Like these people don't know me at all. Especially with the latter- like what the "F" I am Tahimik!!!??? Ever since I was a kid, I am being dubbed as the most talkative person in the group. I even experienced being taped on the mouth by my preschool teacher. Always listed on the noisy list and now you people are telling me that I am tahimik. Oh C'mon. heee heee. By the way friends, Romans and Countrymen,  haven't you heard of the word "Introvert". I'm just wondering.

I am actually amused since people would most of the time retract their comments after knowing me. Sorry guys but 'First impression last' does not really work in my world. I'd like to believe I am same as dark chocolate. It takes a while to be appreciated. But once you do, you will become addicted to it. Oh diba!? As for the mataray/suplada, well it goes hand-in-hand with my being tahimik. Since people think I don't talk, they always give the presumption I am snotty. Here's the thing, straight to the point, I always raise my guard wall whenever I meet new people. Of the twenty-five years of existence, I learned that you can't always please people and most of the time, trusting immediately can be a big fool. Putting up a guard ain't bad at all-- as per my POV. As they said, prevention is better than cure. Hindi ba?

Monday, April 29, 2013

Optic White Porcelain.

It is no-brainer that a clean teeth is important. If you don't believe me-- I dare you not to brush you teeth even just for a day. YUCK! But other than brushing your priceless porcelain everyday (preferably 3x a day), it is also important to make sure that it is decently white. I am saying 'decently' because there are some commentaries saying white teeth means brittle or unhealthy. I am not sure where they got the idea but I do read it somewhere (in google-- googlish strikes again). Well anyway, I finally discovered a new product that will help you achieve that decently/healthy white teeth without the cost of going to your dentist every other week. By the way, my aunt-dentist actually suggested that a person should have an oral check-up at least every three months- that consists of cleaning etc.

So okey. I've been hearing Colgate Optic White for quite sometime through TV Ads. It is actually well advertised here in the Philippines as represented by the gorgeous Solenn Heussaff. However, it took sometime before I gave it try. Other than the fact that it pricey for a toothpaste, it is hard to believe that by just using it you can actually achieve the white teeth every self-reliant person aspires for. Fortunately I happen to read a good review from one of my favorite Malaysia blogger- Bobo Stephanie. I am not really the type of person who can be easily persuaded but for some random reason, I somewhat believed it's effective. Good thing I listened to my instinct. Colgate Optic White works like a pro (well of course, I am saying it in my personal perspective).  

I am actually teaming-up my latest favorite toothpaste with another Colgate product- The Colgate 360. Before I don't really give much effort in selecting what oral care I should use. Just in case I will be conscious, like everybody else, I would care more about the toothpaste rather than the toothbrush. I was wrong. Finding the perfect toothbrush that suites you is similarly equivalent to finding the best toothpaste. It goes hand-in-hand like Spoon-and-fork or Puto-and-Dinuguan (okey, I am trying to insert a little humor). :)

The toothpaste itself is a bit grainy; feels like it exfoliate my teeth or some sort. Just imagine your favorite facial scrub. I am not really good in explaining things but I am in fact having a good relationship with Colgate.

Recent photo showing my teeth. As you might have noticed, I have sunking ngipin (Crooked teeth). I do want to get braces but my aunt suggested that I leave it just like that since getting one means I have to remove four porcelains - SHU. Well anyway, tad a bit cranky so instead of the usual BIG SMILE, I give you my gangsta look. ciao!

Katerina Bianca

P.S. Porcelain is my other word for tooth; for lack of better term. 

Real or Reel.

A total shocker!

Katerina Bianca

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Open Letter: Pound More.

I honestly don't get why some people care too much about my weight- as if they feed me or something. LIKE WHY??? Does it make me less attractive than before? Is it unhealthy? Am I going to join a pageant or  perhaps become a celebrity?

For the record feeble-minded brains, I couldn't care less about my look so I hope you do too. I gained weight because I eat (a lot) which I find rationale. It is not obesity or anything related that made me look like this. Do I have a balance diet? Well I admit that ever since I could remember I never had the usual go-grow-glow kind of stuffs. I eat what I want to eat which is most of the time sweets and carbs. I live in a mantra that -- "Why deprive myself with something I worked hard for". 

Looks does matter. I actually believe with such saying but does gaining weight equivalent to being unattractive? If you really have the "IT", regardless of your weight, you will still look presentable. For once, I am an aspiring Lawyer and not a celebrity of some sort. I don't need to wear revealing clothes or be extra extra conscious of people's perception. I intend to invest more in my knowledge than my physical appearance hence I eat whatever makes me happy. As you might have known, Law School is a walk in the park-- Jurassic Park. We are a step closer to insanity and fatigue. So basically, it's a defense mechanism to majority of us to live/eat to the fullest. Do you actually think depriving ourselves of good food would help?

Though, as law students, various tips were given to us that may help our memory-- like avoid eating (too much) saturated fat, alcohol and caffeine. They say it is somewhat related to some study that too much of everything will affect your brain (sort of like that). Don't worry 'concerned citizens' who care more about my looks than theirs, I am far from dying of gluttony. ☺

As for my closing remarks, I leave you this video of a girl who some says looks fat or like pregnant. This is hilarious but just bear with her. She made this video, as promised, after passing Taxation I two semesters ago. She probably gained weight again-- adding a line or two in the weighing scale but hell she cares. As long as she takes baby steps closer to her dream-- no hominid can bring her down.

Katerina Bianca

Sunday, April 21, 2013


Project Wide Summer Outing 2013.

Katerina Biana


I have always considered my mom as the walking encyclopedia.
While helping me with my law readings-- she's solving Calculus problems with my brother.
She's vain and yet she age gracefully.
She's my bestfriend and at the same time, my worst critic.
She preaches me about life while allow me to be free.
She's strict yet open-minded.
She's an over-achiever.

Happy Birthday Mother Goose.
You know I'm not good with words but nevertheless, I love you so much.
I am who I am because of you.
Thank you for the gift of life and good genes. :)

Katerina Bianca

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Quick Post: Beat Three.

Hi everybody! Back to blogging mojos just to say-- I AM ALIVE!... Kicking with a little bit of snippets on the side. I was a student for the couple of months and even if I really 'lilliieee.. lillliiieeee..' want to blog (or should I say rant), I simply can't. Hopefully this summer I can share my stories in 3... 2.... 1...

But just to give you a hint of how my summer is planned, lemme give you feeds of what happened yesterday.

Just when everybody else already got sun-kissed-- I am still contemplating of how I will make the best of my two months. Actually, I was supposed to take summer classes however my mom eagerly said that I should give myself a break and enjoy a little RnR. See how rigid it has been. Even my mom saw how worn out I was. Well anyway, contrary to the usual 'Let's hit to the beach' kind of stuffs... I am actually rooting for weekend offs with friends/families prolly to mall (ehem ehem shopping) or watching good movie. As I've said-- yesterday is the start.

It was so random how can a simple tweet make friends catch up and hit the mall (Powerplant to be specific). So true that unplanned meet-ups are, more often than not, fun than those planned. Anyway, I enjoyed a lil RnR dinner and movie with my beauty blogger friends Jess of ( and Gellie of ( It was so unplanned that Jess had an event in PP and we followed. As it turned out, it was more fun than those with itinerary (Reflection: Ms. OA-sa-organized-self admitted that randomness can be fun). We watched It Takes A Man and Woman and made me think of so many things about romance, family.... er fatigue? Partly, Laida Magtalas and I are kinda alike (will probably elaborate this some other time). hahahahaha!

Anyway, even if my friends are beauty bloggers and I'm like... (yah what kind of blogger am I? Can anybody tell me?)... our brain cells are so jived that it was not difficult for me to share good laughs and funny antics with them. Also, I love how they are soooo true as they can be. Never did I see them pretend for someone they are not (or something not bagay to them). Just imagine that the last time we saw each other was about a year ago and still... that's what friends are.

Well I leave you guys hanging as usual since my mom's calling for me already. Now with a little RnR with la familia. 

Katerina Bianca

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

♡ U!!!

Movie: Beautiful Creatures

I was invited last night by my good friend Jonver to watch the special movie premier of 'Beautiful Creatures'. Considering that not everyday I get to enjoy a little leisure, I immediately paved way to give time to attend. That consists of mail bombing my boss for instant changes in my work schedule. Fortunate enough, my boss is waaaayyy tooooo nice and understanding to permit me. :)

Honestly, I had no idea what it is about-- I practically said 'YES' without doing research. hahaha. Initially I thought it was some sort of indi-film.hahaha. Thank God for youtube, SM free wi-fi and insta-movie trailers, I was enlightened one hour before the show. The movie maybe associated to another ang-weird-namang-love-story but this time... no Vampires! Thank God again, hallelujah... hallelujah. I am somehow getting tired watching all this Human-loves-Vampire kind of stuffs starting from Buffy to Twilight and now Vampire Dairies. nuff nuff please! You make it appear that there is really an impending extinction of Man hence women divert their attentions to weirdo-wacko-blood-suckers.

Going back... What's more interesting with this movie is the introduction of 'Casters'. I don't know about you guys but as far as I'm concern-- first time to actually hear such term. Being a fan of Wikipedia, I found out that casters are actually kind of witch however with little freedom to choose whether they are in the dark or light side. SO basically they are the suppressed witches (okey I just made that up). Casters will somehow be claimed to their own nature when they reached the age of 16. No option of whether they can be good or bad.

In this movie, it was the female protagonist who has the magical powers and was the guy running after her. PLUS POINTS FOR ME!! Enough of the films wherein the girls are running for their abnormal boyfriends and latter dumping them so to protect.LIKE WTF IS THAT!!! This movie showed the other way around...

Movie Trailer: Beautiful Creatures

Beautiful Creatures tonight! GAME ON!

Katerina Bianca

Saturday, February 9, 2013


Kung Hei Fat Choi! Gong Xi Fa Cai! 
Happy Chinese New Year!
- from the two drops of Chinese blood running around my veins. hahaha.

Aside from the Peking Duck and my favorite Hototay soup, I am sooo looking forward to see the much awaited F4, Taiwan reunion. All together now: NOSTALGIA!!! It brings back so many memories like those typical group studies turned TV series marathon and staying up late so I could watch Myx Daily Top 1 being dominated with
'Oh baby.. baby.. My baby... baby... Wo Jue Bu Neng Shi Qu Ni ♩ ♪ ♬ ' 

This was actually the start of my Asia-novela obsession. Though it partly shifted to Korea, I will never depart from  my first love- Vic Zhou.

"ehem... ehem. Kim Hyun Joong, please don't be jealous. You will still be my baby-daddy. He's just my first love and as they say, first love never dies."

We were supposed to have a Chinese eat-out today with my chinky relatives but my mom signed to this fun run tomorrow and I have to study 15 more rules before Monday (or else, I'm dead meat). So much for Lunar New Year. *sigh! Maybe if I'll just wait till 12 midnight studying then I'll probably be 'Masipag' the entire year. It did not work last December 31, 2012- will instead try it this Lunar Calendar. hahaha! 

Before I wrap up this illustrative blog post, sharing to everybody my favorite F4 song. Muli nating ibalik ang kasabihan "Tunay na lalaki, wagas maka sleeveless" days. hahaha

Katerina Bianca

p.s. I still could not figure out how to make a decent closing remark. DAMN!

Friday, February 8, 2013

If to fly.

I was once asked in Twitter if I am a Traveler (just like those self-proclaimed). Honestly, I have no idea. I love to go to places, discover new things and learn other cultures; but in essence, the farthest place I've been  to was Hongkong (which gave me an impression of Binondo alike- only colder).

Anyway, my personality also does not allow me to travel in a spontaneous manner. I always go for itinerary and fix plan. I remember having ill incident with my friends when we went to Cebu just because things won't go according to the list. Yes, I am that worst of a person. Curious as well, I don't get attracted to seat sales. Reason? I want to fly in my own term and when I am sure to go. Seat sales usually have this fix fly period which will occur half a year prior to buying tickets.

Another reason for being stuck here is-- TIME. I work for a US company and study at the same time. So basically, I don't have any holidays. When it is holiday in the Philippines we have work according to US schedule (and vice versa). You can probably say-- GOOD BYE SOCIAL LIFE. That has been my yawn for the past three years.

Though that does not mean I hinder myself to travel and become a terminal homebody. I do want to expand my horizon and be a full pledge 'traveler'. Following is the list of places I've been dying to visit. It somehow inspires to be do well in school. My mom would always tell me: Maging abogado ka then makakaya mo ng pumunta sa mga lugar na yan. Since I trust her, these photos are pinned in my inspiration board to serve as motivation.

(In random order)

Friday, January 25, 2013

c/o some random Fan Page in Facebook. 

Quick Post: Witty Wits Will Save a Law Student

This is going to be very quick post since I am still in the middle of Midterm Week. But just to give you feeds- it is by far worst than hell. No, I am not being exaggerated. Three of my exams are dreadful. Somehow, only a miracle can save me. I'll probably release all the drama some other time when I am back to my normal self. Also, I don't want to waste the remaining sanity or else I might suffer dementia. Actually, I'm part suffering it already... this is only one of those lucid intervals that I get to construct a sensible thought (or I just assume that this is sensible).

For the past 4 years, I've been drowning myself with caffeine just to complete all the needed stickers. It even reached a point that I had to treat my friends for it. It felt like a mission needed to be finished. However, 2012 when I learned the power of Milk Tea. So with close eyes + deep breath, I said to myself, no SB Planer this year.

Then this came...

I would actually suggest this to the rest of my co-Law Students. We seriously need a truck of wits to keep us going. Here lies the key. If only I knew about special kind of planner- I could have stopped myself with caffeine four years ago and just laugh while I plan my day/life.

God really works in wonder since HE knows how I badly need a venue to laugh. Been answering witty questions for the past hour and I feel like wanting to finish it until December. (hinay-hinay lang Bianca, simula pa lang ng taon)

There are so many finds in between every dates but to surprise you all- I suggest you grab your own note. Check out more of it in their Facebook account: Witty Will Save The World.

Katerina Bianca

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Legal Help Desk

Do watch and support Atty Karen Jimeno and Atty Rod Nepomuceno
every Mondays at 10PM on Solar News Chanel. 

For past episodes, you can also check its Facebook account.

Katerina Bianca

Cold War

I've been wanting to write something meaningful before I actually go hiatus because of midterm week. For all its worth, I am going to be so busy (okey, 'busy' is an understatement) that I assure you no social networking visits except every now and then in my phone. Going back, during my spare non-academe time wherein I don't think of Civil Procedure, Succession or other minor subjects, I always try to construct thoughts through my mind of what I should write here. There are so many things to talk about-- so many that I no longer know where to start. I also believe that every topic must be discussed in a proper time. I call it 'Seasonal trends'. But since I don't want to leave this space empty handed- I thought it would be proper to discuss the second frequently asked question per se (falls a little short to 'Why do you want to become a lawyer' question).

Disclaimer: This can be inappropriate for some because it would deal with the issue how-far-you-will-share-in-your-blog; but then I was reminded of my intentions. I want to be known as the 'transparent' blogger. One who would share up to what he/she knows is appropriate. Since this is a very sensitive issue that are known to public, not exclusively affecting us, I see nothing wrong to share few words that might influence or enlighten others.

Why do you always talk about your mom?/ Where is your dad?

I am not entirely sure if I dropped the bomb in any of my networking sites in the past but just for the record, the hypothesis of all the 'chismosas-sa-kanto' are true. My parents are already separated and I am staying with Mama hence everything I do is with her supervision. Papa now resides in the province in which, the last time I checked, still single and not dating anybody. I admit to have a strained relationship with my Papa since their separation is relatively new- it happened two years ago. Though I maintain being civil with him because I know that my actions would reflect how my mom.

..... dead air. I'm trying to regain my thoughts.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

First Post

I am not entirely sure whether the title suits the whole idea. Technically, this is like my third blog since I entered the realm.

Some might be curious-- why make another one?

Here's the thing, did you ever experience waking up one day and you are already a totally different person. That's what I'm feeling right now. I was caught in an incident last Monday that really frustrates me (till now) and I just need an avenue (badly) to release all the angst. But then I realized that my old blog was surrounded with me talking in an immature third party perspective (Disclaimer: No assurance it will not happen here). Anyway, I just said to myself-- "enough is enough! Grow up!" So I did.  This time no more drama queen or baby talks. This will entirely be a chronicle of my life-- and not of anybody's life.

Expect vomiting of words and yah... expect grammar errors since I vividly admit that I do not re-check my entries. Deep down I am hoping that this blog will still gather attention but then again, who would like to read from a 20-something girl suffering mid-life crisis.

There's also no assurance that I would NOT be using profane words so for the safety of all the kids with internet access-- I am officially making this RATED 16. It would be too much if I'll have it 'Eighteen'. Parang namang 'XXX' na. hahaha!