Monday, April 29, 2013

Optic White Porcelain.

It is no-brainer that a clean teeth is important. If you don't believe me-- I dare you not to brush you teeth even just for a day. YUCK! But other than brushing your priceless porcelain everyday (preferably 3x a day), it is also important to make sure that it is decently white. I am saying 'decently' because there are some commentaries saying white teeth means brittle or unhealthy. I am not sure where they got the idea but I do read it somewhere (in google-- googlish strikes again). Well anyway, I finally discovered a new product that will help you achieve that decently/healthy white teeth without the cost of going to your dentist every other week. By the way, my aunt-dentist actually suggested that a person should have an oral check-up at least every three months- that consists of cleaning etc.

So okey. I've been hearing Colgate Optic White for quite sometime through TV Ads. It is actually well advertised here in the Philippines as represented by the gorgeous Solenn Heussaff. However, it took sometime before I gave it try. Other than the fact that it pricey for a toothpaste, it is hard to believe that by just using it you can actually achieve the white teeth every self-reliant person aspires for. Fortunately I happen to read a good review from one of my favorite Malaysia blogger- Bobo Stephanie. I am not really the type of person who can be easily persuaded but for some random reason, I somewhat believed it's effective. Good thing I listened to my instinct. Colgate Optic White works like a pro (well of course, I am saying it in my personal perspective).  

I am actually teaming-up my latest favorite toothpaste with another Colgate product- The Colgate 360. Before I don't really give much effort in selecting what oral care I should use. Just in case I will be conscious, like everybody else, I would care more about the toothpaste rather than the toothbrush. I was wrong. Finding the perfect toothbrush that suites you is similarly equivalent to finding the best toothpaste. It goes hand-in-hand like Spoon-and-fork or Puto-and-Dinuguan (okey, I am trying to insert a little humor). :)

The toothpaste itself is a bit grainy; feels like it exfoliate my teeth or some sort. Just imagine your favorite facial scrub. I am not really good in explaining things but I am in fact having a good relationship with Colgate.

Recent photo showing my teeth. As you might have noticed, I have sunking ngipin (Crooked teeth). I do want to get braces but my aunt suggested that I leave it just like that since getting one means I have to remove four porcelains - SHU. Well anyway, tad a bit cranky so instead of the usual BIG SMILE, I give you my gangsta look. ciao!

Katerina Bianca

P.S. Porcelain is my other word for tooth; for lack of better term. 

Real or Reel.

A total shocker!

Katerina Bianca

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Open Letter: Pound More.

I honestly don't get why some people care too much about my weight- as if they feed me or something. LIKE WHY??? Does it make me less attractive than before? Is it unhealthy? Am I going to join a pageant or  perhaps become a celebrity?

For the record feeble-minded brains, I couldn't care less about my look so I hope you do too. I gained weight because I eat (a lot) which I find rationale. It is not obesity or anything related that made me look like this. Do I have a balance diet? Well I admit that ever since I could remember I never had the usual go-grow-glow kind of stuffs. I eat what I want to eat which is most of the time sweets and carbs. I live in a mantra that -- "Why deprive myself with something I worked hard for". 

Looks does matter. I actually believe with such saying but does gaining weight equivalent to being unattractive? If you really have the "IT", regardless of your weight, you will still look presentable. For once, I am an aspiring Lawyer and not a celebrity of some sort. I don't need to wear revealing clothes or be extra extra conscious of people's perception. I intend to invest more in my knowledge than my physical appearance hence I eat whatever makes me happy. As you might have known, Law School is a walk in the park-- Jurassic Park. We are a step closer to insanity and fatigue. So basically, it's a defense mechanism to majority of us to live/eat to the fullest. Do you actually think depriving ourselves of good food would help?

Though, as law students, various tips were given to us that may help our memory-- like avoid eating (too much) saturated fat, alcohol and caffeine. They say it is somewhat related to some study that too much of everything will affect your brain (sort of like that). Don't worry 'concerned citizens' who care more about my looks than theirs, I am far from dying of gluttony. ☺

As for my closing remarks, I leave you this video of a girl who some says looks fat or like pregnant. This is hilarious but just bear with her. She made this video, as promised, after passing Taxation I two semesters ago. She probably gained weight again-- adding a line or two in the weighing scale but hell she cares. As long as she takes baby steps closer to her dream-- no hominid can bring her down.

Katerina Bianca

Sunday, April 21, 2013


Project Wide Summer Outing 2013.

Katerina Biana


I have always considered my mom as the walking encyclopedia.
While helping me with my law readings-- she's solving Calculus problems with my brother.
She's vain and yet she age gracefully.
She's my bestfriend and at the same time, my worst critic.
She preaches me about life while allow me to be free.
She's strict yet open-minded.
She's an over-achiever.

Happy Birthday Mother Goose.
You know I'm not good with words but nevertheless, I love you so much.
I am who I am because of you.
Thank you for the gift of life and good genes. :)

Katerina Bianca

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Quick Post: Beat Three.

Hi everybody! Back to blogging mojos just to say-- I AM ALIVE!... Kicking with a little bit of snippets on the side. I was a student for the couple of months and even if I really 'lilliieee.. lillliiieeee..' want to blog (or should I say rant), I simply can't. Hopefully this summer I can share my stories in 3... 2.... 1...

But just to give you a hint of how my summer is planned, lemme give you feeds of what happened yesterday.

Just when everybody else already got sun-kissed-- I am still contemplating of how I will make the best of my two months. Actually, I was supposed to take summer classes however my mom eagerly said that I should give myself a break and enjoy a little RnR. See how rigid it has been. Even my mom saw how worn out I was. Well anyway, contrary to the usual 'Let's hit to the beach' kind of stuffs... I am actually rooting for weekend offs with friends/families prolly to mall (ehem ehem shopping) or watching good movie. As I've said-- yesterday is the start.

It was so random how can a simple tweet make friends catch up and hit the mall (Powerplant to be specific). So true that unplanned meet-ups are, more often than not, fun than those planned. Anyway, I enjoyed a lil RnR dinner and movie with my beauty blogger friends Jess of ( and Gellie of ( It was so unplanned that Jess had an event in PP and we followed. As it turned out, it was more fun than those with itinerary (Reflection: Ms. OA-sa-organized-self admitted that randomness can be fun). We watched It Takes A Man and Woman and made me think of so many things about romance, family.... er fatigue? Partly, Laida Magtalas and I are kinda alike (will probably elaborate this some other time). hahahahaha!

Anyway, even if my friends are beauty bloggers and I'm like... (yah what kind of blogger am I? Can anybody tell me?)... our brain cells are so jived that it was not difficult for me to share good laughs and funny antics with them. Also, I love how they are soooo true as they can be. Never did I see them pretend for someone they are not (or something not bagay to them). Just imagine that the last time we saw each other was about a year ago and still... that's what friends are.

Well I leave you guys hanging as usual since my mom's calling for me already. Now with a little RnR with la familia. 

Katerina Bianca