Friday, January 25, 2013

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Quick Post: Witty Wits Will Save a Law Student

This is going to be very quick post since I am still in the middle of Midterm Week. But just to give you feeds- it is by far worst than hell. No, I am not being exaggerated. Three of my exams are dreadful. Somehow, only a miracle can save me. I'll probably release all the drama some other time when I am back to my normal self. Also, I don't want to waste the remaining sanity or else I might suffer dementia. Actually, I'm part suffering it already... this is only one of those lucid intervals that I get to construct a sensible thought (or I just assume that this is sensible).

For the past 4 years, I've been drowning myself with caffeine just to complete all the needed stickers. It even reached a point that I had to treat my friends for it. It felt like a mission needed to be finished. However, 2012 when I learned the power of Milk Tea. So with close eyes + deep breath, I said to myself, no SB Planer this year.

Then this came...

I would actually suggest this to the rest of my co-Law Students. We seriously need a truck of wits to keep us going. Here lies the key. If only I knew about special kind of planner- I could have stopped myself with caffeine four years ago and just laugh while I plan my day/life.

God really works in wonder since HE knows how I badly need a venue to laugh. Been answering witty questions for the past hour and I feel like wanting to finish it until December. (hinay-hinay lang Bianca, simula pa lang ng taon)

There are so many finds in between every dates but to surprise you all- I suggest you grab your own note. Check out more of it in their Facebook account: Witty Will Save The World.

Katerina Bianca

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Legal Help Desk

Do watch and support Atty Karen Jimeno and Atty Rod Nepomuceno
every Mondays at 10PM on Solar News Chanel. 

For past episodes, you can also check its Facebook account.

Katerina Bianca

Cold War

I've been wanting to write something meaningful before I actually go hiatus because of midterm week. For all its worth, I am going to be so busy (okey, 'busy' is an understatement) that I assure you no social networking visits except every now and then in my phone. Going back, during my spare non-academe time wherein I don't think of Civil Procedure, Succession or other minor subjects, I always try to construct thoughts through my mind of what I should write here. There are so many things to talk about-- so many that I no longer know where to start. I also believe that every topic must be discussed in a proper time. I call it 'Seasonal trends'. But since I don't want to leave this space empty handed- I thought it would be proper to discuss the second frequently asked question per se (falls a little short to 'Why do you want to become a lawyer' question).

Disclaimer: This can be inappropriate for some because it would deal with the issue how-far-you-will-share-in-your-blog; but then I was reminded of my intentions. I want to be known as the 'transparent' blogger. One who would share up to what he/she knows is appropriate. Since this is a very sensitive issue that are known to public, not exclusively affecting us, I see nothing wrong to share few words that might influence or enlighten others.

Why do you always talk about your mom?/ Where is your dad?

I am not entirely sure if I dropped the bomb in any of my networking sites in the past but just for the record, the hypothesis of all the 'chismosas-sa-kanto' are true. My parents are already separated and I am staying with Mama hence everything I do is with her supervision. Papa now resides in the province in which, the last time I checked, still single and not dating anybody. I admit to have a strained relationship with my Papa since their separation is relatively new- it happened two years ago. Though I maintain being civil with him because I know that my actions would reflect how my mom.

..... dead air. I'm trying to regain my thoughts.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

First Post

I am not entirely sure whether the title suits the whole idea. Technically, this is like my third blog since I entered the realm.

Some might be curious-- why make another one?

Here's the thing, did you ever experience waking up one day and you are already a totally different person. That's what I'm feeling right now. I was caught in an incident last Monday that really frustrates me (till now) and I just need an avenue (badly) to release all the angst. But then I realized that my old blog was surrounded with me talking in an immature third party perspective (Disclaimer: No assurance it will not happen here). Anyway, I just said to myself-- "enough is enough! Grow up!" So I did.  This time no more drama queen or baby talks. This will entirely be a chronicle of my life-- and not of anybody's life.

Expect vomiting of words and yah... expect grammar errors since I vividly admit that I do not re-check my entries. Deep down I am hoping that this blog will still gather attention but then again, who would like to read from a 20-something girl suffering mid-life crisis.

There's also no assurance that I would NOT be using profane words so for the safety of all the kids with internet access-- I am officially making this RATED 16. It would be too much if I'll have it 'Eighteen'. Parang namang 'XXX' na. hahaha!