Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Next Saga.

To remain with him is an asset on his part but a liability to me. So why should I stay with a man who cannot see my worth. Why stick to the idea of forever if he himself is uncertain. Why dream of the future around his complicated soul.

I have learned to let go. It is painful. The heck it is. The hell it sinks to my bones. But... tomorrow is another day.

I'll live to the belief that why dwell to misery. The world will not stop revolving because you are crying. The sun will not stop shining just because you are lost in the darkness.

So from this day forward, I will write again. He used to make fun of my posts- grammar etc. But this is me. Letters are my cotton, words are my silk.

I will cry again. Perhaps, In due time. But I will continue and live each day as if its the last.

Love lots,
Katerina Bianca

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