Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Exotic Tummy.

This is going to be the second leg of our "Lost in Past Jungle".

After spending so much energy walking around the streets of Manila, we opted to go to Binondo for a little food trip. Mind you that this is a continuation of our adventure so basically even the foods we're going to try are classified as 'adventurous'.

NO. I am not referring to Siopao as it may give you a bad idea of the cat above. hahahaha! We saw this purrrrry friend while buying peanut butter hopia in a bakeshop. Too bad I forgot to ask the name of the store but for a non-hopia eater like me, I actually liked the taste. Still not eating hopia though. There's something about it that does not entice me.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Lost In Past Jungle.

Nobody hates history unless it is their own history. -Robert Langdon, Da Vinci's Code
Personally I am not a fan of Philippines History. I am not even sure how I passed my History subject back in College. hahahaha! Though that does not mean I am not well-informed (hey kids! Being uninterested does not give you the excuse not to study, ayt!) So anyway to make me feel a little closer to our ascendants I thought why not visit places where I could get hold of our past treasures. Fortunate enough, my new workplace seatmate is one hell of a history junkie. "Move aside Carlos Celdran-- there's a new guy in town."

For those wondering, I am also a self-confessed history junkie but not with our own. We can actually talk about world history particularly World War II the whole day. Yes. I prefer morbid discussions rather than colonization stuffs. hahahaha.

Going back, our first stop of 'learning tour' was in The National Museum, Manila. Hey! What better way to know your history is in the museums, right?

Finally!!! The Spolarium. Right on flesh.

Oh la Obando.

Obando Fertility Rite. To many Filipinos, it means fertility and conception. When I first told my friends and relatives that I intend to participate in the feast-- their initial reaction was like "Go look for boyfriend first before wishing for kids." I was like 'WTF!' Can't I not pray for other stuffs.hahahaha!

As a Catholic, I am an self-confessed church aficionado. I am a strong believer of making wishes-- that as soon as you stepped inside the church for the first time you must make a wish and God will grant. So together with my friends from the office we made a quick detour to Obando, Bulacan.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Steering Wheel.

Life has been a big steering wheel for me. In just two weeks, I was able to experience side-by-side stress, up-and-down drama and loss-and-gain of reality. So much for summer (insert big SIGH).

Side-by-side stress.

For the past two weeks, I heard of comments (for lack of better term, adjectives) that people use to describe me. Some are hilarious, funny, bizarre while some are totally offensive. Hilarious and funny are my usual emotions when people depict me as Mataray (ill-tempered), Suplada (conceited) and Tahimik (quiet). Like these people don't know me at all. Especially with the latter- like what the "F" I am Tahimik!!!??? Ever since I was a kid, I am being dubbed as the most talkative person in the group. I even experienced being taped on the mouth by my preschool teacher. Always listed on the noisy list and now you people are telling me that I am tahimik. Oh C'mon. heee heee. By the way friends, Romans and Countrymen,  haven't you heard of the word "Introvert". I'm just wondering.

I am actually amused since people would most of the time retract their comments after knowing me. Sorry guys but 'First impression last' does not really work in my world. I'd like to believe I am same as dark chocolate. It takes a while to be appreciated. But once you do, you will become addicted to it. Oh diba!? As for the mataray/suplada, well it goes hand-in-hand with my being tahimik. Since people think I don't talk, they always give the presumption I am snotty. Here's the thing, straight to the point, I always raise my guard wall whenever I meet new people. Of the twenty-five years of existence, I learned that you can't always please people and most of the time, trusting immediately can be a big fool. Putting up a guard ain't bad at all-- as per my POV. As they said, prevention is better than cure. Hindi ba?