Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Next Saga.

To remain with him is an asset on his part but a liability to me. So why should I stay with a man who cannot see my worth. Why stick to the idea of forever if he himself is uncertain. Why dream of the future around his complicated soul.

I have learned to let go. It is painful. The heck it is. The hell it sinks to my bones. But... tomorrow is another day.

I'll live to the belief that why dwell to misery. The world will not stop revolving because you are crying. The sun will not stop shining just because you are lost in the darkness.

So from this day forward, I will write again. He used to make fun of my posts- grammar etc. But this is me. Letters are my cotton, words are my silk.

I will cry again. Perhaps, In due time. But I will continue and live each day as if its the last.

Love lots,
Katerina Bianca

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Part 1. Journey to Lawyer-ing

Time check: 12:34AM.

I know. I know. I should be sleeping (which has been my staple rant again) but for some randomness, my brother went home this late. I have been occupying his bed for days and since his 'pag-uwi' is unexpected, I am not in the mood to fix my own bed (which, btw, is filled with worn clothes and books). HAHAHA. So to waste time until someone in my household wake up and leave, I might as well make use of my nagging imagination and start playing with words.

While I was intensely studying today, I had some aftermath thoughts of why do I want to become a lawyer. Considering the remorseful life before and after, why do I still choose to enter this realm which I don't even have any idea whether or not I'll be happy. Just for the record, lawyer-ing is not really my 'thing'. I was misplaced by my mom in a battle field and somehow Chassé through it. 

When I was young, I wanted to become a journalist. My peg in life is Jessica Soho and I envisioned myself interviewing famous personalities. Since I'm an obvious talker, I thought intriguing people will be my forte. So both grade school and high school, I became a part of the school paper. However, I came to terms that I am the laziest person in the planet. I can't even be disciplined now. I realized that journalism is an entirely new space where you need to maximize time and effort. You won't have control over it because you will run after the news. Thus, I shifted my mindset and erased it-- still can't erase my love for writing as shown now.

After a while, I wanted to become a Marine Biologist. My love for Science, Animals and Swimming transverse in this arena. My mom is a graduate of BS Biology and took Marine Biology as Masters. I remember when I was young, mother goose would tag me along whenever she goes to some deserted beach. There I will see her collect some specimens like sea cucumber, sea urchins, and some other salty stuffs. It fascinates me how life exist in a place where we can't barely see. So for years, I always cry the study of Marine Bio. However, studying science is expensive. When I say expensive, I mean EXPENSIVE (all caps para intense). It also made me think of what I will do after school. What work will it give me. blah blah blah. What drama it was that I turned back to science.

And then I wanted Fine Arts. For those who do not know, I USED to paint. Yes. Used as an operative word. As mentioned in my previous post, I was once a student of Fernando Sena and was able to gather recommendation for few crafts. However, I took that whatever-talent for granted. Now, kinalawang na ako. Frustrating! When I had the urge to salvage whatever I can, my dad dismayed the idea. He said that its more of skills and talents, not profession. Ranting how one can be a good artist without a diploma-- hence, it would be impractical to enroll it. Thus, I was led to consider other course instead. 

Also, I dreamed of becoming an Archaeologist. Okey fine! Blame Brendan Fraser and The Mummy Trilogy. I love old things. I love history. I love mythology. I love Egypt. I have always proclaimed that I am a reincarnation of some Egyptian Princess. That I have servants feeding me berries and preparing my milk bath. HAHAHA! But as much as that profession suits me, I don't know any school here in the Philippines that offers it. In case I want to pursue Archaeology, I have to be pretty rich to afford education in UK- Oxford University. That is the only school I know which caters THE Dusting-course. 

Then there's Linguistic. I was supposed to study in State University (hulaan nyo lang kung ano) with that such course. However, I only took the exam to prove myself that I can pass it. By the time I received the result, I decided to back-out. Yeah! I was once a bad-a** daughter and to send my point to my parents, I resort by turning my back to a state university. But, nevertheless, I really want to be multi-lingual and I am still considering further studies after law school. I actually got this idea after watching a movie (which I could no longer remember) that tackles about Interpreters in United Nation. I thought... "the coolest job ever!!!" So there.. I want to be Multi-Lingual. HAHAHAHA! I'm thinking of studying French or Spanish in the future. Thinking... thinking... thinking... Can't wait to explore tongue twist soon.

So how did I end up being in law school? Let's start on my enrollment in University of the East-Manila. I was with my mom and still undecided of what I will take. Since my mom basically controls my life back then, she told me to enroll Legal Management. Why Legal Management? I have no effin idea. HAHAHAHA! She said its a better preparatory course for Law and compared to Political Science, it will trigger curiosity. Para bang...

Q1. Anong course mo? 
Ans 1. Political Science
Q1. Ah okey. (end conversation)

compared to...

Q2. Anong course mo?
Ans. Legal Management.
Q2. Oh bago yung ha. Ngayon ko lang narinig... anong ginagawa dun? (start conversation)

HAHAHAHA. So due to my sobrang good-daughter-peg (making up for what I did with state U), I ended up taking LegMa and somehow finishing it. HAHAHA! With all honesty, I can't even remember my subjects back then-- neither are my professors. I was so preoccupied with varsity that I was not fully utilized as a student. But somehow, I managed to graduate without any failing grades. I guess that deserves a hep hep hoooraaay for me!

After college, I initially worked for a real estate company. In less than a year, I discovered the BPO industry and decided to move there. When I was already hired as a regular employee, my mom talked me to further pursue my degree to Law proper. I had no other plans in my life then so I gave in. The rest they say is history.

Now that I am done with Law School, and making my way half through, I came to contemplation of why I really REALLY want to become a lawyer. Compared to friends and co-barristers, I don't have any plans once I receive the grand DOT in my title. Perhaps that is the reason why I am not as diligent compared to others. When I was in law school, I want to pass my subjects not because of aiming to take the bar, but more of to prove myself that I can. I never thought I'll make it through. It was just adrenaline rush to me whenever I go to school-- prepared or not. But to have the mindset that this is for the bar, less than two months, I still don't know what I'm doing. Nevertheless, I am doing it. 

I still want to say so many things about my dilemma, or not, of being a lawyer. But as for now, I need to re-align again my thoughts to a more cohesive topic. Ang daldal ko! Humaba ng ganito ang random word vomit ko. HAHAHAHA!

Love lots,
Katerina Bianca

Saturday, March 1, 2014


A week and a day since it happened. And until today, I still consider it as Second Grace from God to extend my life after that very traumatic experience. If you guys are curious about what I am exactly talking, here's a quick rundown of what happened.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Quick Getaway: Birthday '13

Halooo Halooo people of the Universe. Wishing you haven't forgotten me. Well anyway, I'm here to give you a very illustrative post of how my birthday went. It was a month delayed because the D-day happened in the middle of semester. Considering the year level I am in, it is quite difficult to have spare a little getaway even for the weekend. Most of the time, my weekend means advance study for the upcoming lessons. whew! Side note: If only I knew I could study like this back in College, then I could have graduated with honors.

Going back, my mom thought that I should just celebrate it with my brother. We are actually a month a part. Since my family pretty much consists of busy persons (to the nth level), we opt to do it on a holiday. And what better holiday is nearest to September and October, you guys guessed it right, All Saint's and All Soul's day. All Saint's day falls on a Friday which means I still have work. You know the BPO life.

First stop, Angeles, Pampanga. Of course, we shouldn't forget our dearly departed ones. For this year, we went to visit my grandfather from the Mother side. Just for the record, my grandpops is actually a 4th placer in the Engineering Board. Kidding to my mom, I prayed that 'lolo' will lead me to the right path of academe.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hey people of blog-o-sphere. Just stopping by to say 'Hi'. As in HI!!!

I miss my little space thought a bit unsure when i can make a comeback (assuming you guys care!) Well anyway, just to give you a few recaps of what i'm currently up to- so to speak, i'm blogging straight from my phone. Thanks to my new iphone5 and ate jovay (law school comrade) for the blogger app. I'm currently buried to tons of hard bound books which by all means, need to read fast because midterms is literally two weeks from now. I'm also a new instagram user (kbiancaperez)- need all the follow loving.

Hmmmm. What else!? I'm taking up 19units academe load which figuratively means suicide. And lastly, i just realized my heart is still with Kim Hyun Joong and not Park Yoochun. (Though i still do adore the latter- oh heart! Why are you so indecisive).

Well ciao for now. I still need to figure how to finish 200pages in one seating. Lots of love people.

Love lots,