Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hey people of blog-o-sphere. Just stopping by to say 'Hi'. As in HI!!!

I miss my little space thought a bit unsure when i can make a comeback (assuming you guys care!) Well anyway, just to give you a few recaps of what i'm currently up to- so to speak, i'm blogging straight from my phone. Thanks to my new iphone5 and ate jovay (law school comrade) for the blogger app. I'm currently buried to tons of hard bound books which by all means, need to read fast because midterms is literally two weeks from now. I'm also a new instagram user (kbiancaperez)- need all the follow loving.

Hmmmm. What else!? I'm taking up 19units academe load which figuratively means suicide. And lastly, i just realized my heart is still with Kim Hyun Joong and not Park Yoochun. (Though i still do adore the latter- oh heart! Why are you so indecisive).

Well ciao for now. I still need to figure how to finish 200pages in one seating. Lots of love people.

Love lots,

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