Sunday, November 10, 2013

Quick Getaway: Birthday '13

Halooo Halooo people of the Universe. Wishing you haven't forgotten me. Well anyway, I'm here to give you a very illustrative post of how my birthday went. It was a month delayed because the D-day happened in the middle of semester. Considering the year level I am in, it is quite difficult to have spare a little getaway even for the weekend. Most of the time, my weekend means advance study for the upcoming lessons. whew! Side note: If only I knew I could study like this back in College, then I could have graduated with honors.

Going back, my mom thought that I should just celebrate it with my brother. We are actually a month a part. Since my family pretty much consists of busy persons (to the nth level), we opt to do it on a holiday. And what better holiday is nearest to September and October, you guys guessed it right, All Saint's and All Soul's day. All Saint's day falls on a Friday which means I still have work. You know the BPO life.

First stop, Angeles, Pampanga. Of course, we shouldn't forget our dearly departed ones. For this year, we went to visit my grandfather from the Mother side. Just for the record, my grandpops is actually a 4th placer in the Engineering Board. Kidding to my mom, I prayed that 'lolo' will lead me to the right path of academe.

From Pampanga, we then went to Gerona, Tarlac for lunch. It's a very picture perfect place called Isdaan which would give you a little bit Cambodia and a little bit of Thailand vibes.

After lunch, we hurriedly went straight to Pangasinan to visit Our Lady of Manaoag. This place is very special to me. I can attest that she really does listen you ones prayer.

And of course, I couldn't resist not taking photo with 'Ser Chief'. This is once in a lifetime opportunity since I don't think I will ever have the guts to do it in the busy streets of the Manila. :)

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  1. Yeheee!! and you are back to blogging now! =)

    I can still remember when you told me that you want to see and experience this place (Isdaan in Gerona). It looked like you and family really had fun!

    Nice to see this post... You are finally back =)


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